BISD Student Advisory Committee Takes Shape

BHS News
Superintendent Dr. Jack Lee (left) explains what next school year could look like to the Student Advisory Committee at a recent meeting.

By Gavin Garcia – Staff Reporter

The Student Advisory Committee is a leadership program at Bullard High School. 

It allows students from middle school through high school to make decisions about the school calendar, student life, and help make other important decisions. The Student Advisory Committee is led by Superintendent Dr. Jack Lee and it is made up of  high school students.

This is the first year Bullard High School has had a Student Advisory Committee, so this year the students are getting used to being on the committee. 

“It’s an opportunity for us to kind of review things that are going on in the district,” Dr. Lee said.

The committee consists of about 20 or more students throughout the high school. There are no specific roles for each student, they all have the same job and make decisions as whole. 

“For some of those students, they might be class officers but as far as the student advisory committee  goes there’s no officers, everybody is equal,” Dr. Lee said. 

Being a part of the Student Advisory Committee has some requirements. You must have adequate grades and meet behavior expectations, the superintendent said.

“Each year we have an application process and essentially what happens is you just have to tell us you’re interested in being on the student advisory committee,” Dr. Lee said. “You’ll answer a handful of questions,  then we take all of that information. We look at students academic record, we also look at their discipline record and then go from there.” 
For more information about the student advisory committee, you can email Dr. Lee at