Video Game/Anime Club Arrives at Bullard High School

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Masters of the Gaming Verse  – (© Photo by Madison Creel)
Creator of the video game/anime club, sophomore John Avery Sneed (right), and club sponsor, Philip Brooks, are posing for a picture during the club’s second meeting in the cafeteria.

By Madison Creel – Staff Reporter

Fun, different, and out of this world, the video game/anime club had its first meeting on Jan. 15 during Panther Time. 

This meeting proved to be very popular among Bullard High School students as 55 students attended the inaugural meeting.

The video game/anime club was created by sophomore John Avery Sneed and is sponsored by Philip Brooks and Joshua Boyd.

Now you may be wondering, what is the purpose of this new club? Well, it’s for anyone who has interest in different types of games such as card games, video games, board games and of course anime. 

“I have been and probably will stay a fan of video games and anime,” Mr. Brooks said. “I see the value of it as a way to share this experience with other people, this love is something that can be artistically beautiful both in video games and anime.” 

As a result of the club’s first meeting, the students gathered to share each other’s common interests. Meetings will be held one Thursday a month during Panther Time. The next meeting will be held Thursday in the cafeteria. 

Sneed said he was shocked by the amount of students who arrived on the first day, and said it is safe to say there will continue to be many students that show up to enjoy this new club. 

“It was a little chaotic and we were a little bit overwhelmed by how many people came,”                Sneed said.      

By the end of the semester, the club is hoping to host a movie night, video game tournaments, and outside school trips. Mr. Brooks wants to encourage the growth of the club by displaying it off to younger generations. 

“Through passing (of) the torch, so to speak, from class to class, hopefully whenever kids come up from eighth grade to ninth grade they’ve already heard about it and are excited about joining it,” Mr. Brooks said. “It kind of continues tradition, it’s a place where we can really show this love and interest.” 

All in all, the video game/ anime club could be a great way for students to share their interests of games and anime with others and be part of a club.

If a student is interested in joining the club, stop by the next meeting and sign up.