Bullard Buzz brings broadcast news to BHS

BHS News
Sports talk – Photo provided by The Bullard Buzz
BHS junior Jaden Jeter (left) and sophomore Case Bowman discuss sports on a recent episode of the Bullard Buzz.

By Roman Calhoon – Staff Reporter

The Bullard Buzz is a student-ran news broadcasting service of Bullard High School. Lead by Mr. Stephen Monahan, the Bullard Buzz is a fairly new concept to the school district. 

The Buzz began in the 2019-20 school year. The Buzz is used as a way to share information to the student body.

Mr. Monahan said it is important to keep people informed. Another benefit to the course is it provides a learning environment for students interested in audio/video production and content, Monahan said. It also provides a real-world experience for students who want to follow a career path in audio-video technology.

The introductory course for the Bullard Buzz is Principles of Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communications. Monahan said students must take this class to be in the Bullard Buzz. This means students who would like to be a member of the Bullard Buzz staff, must take the principles class.

In the Bullard Buzz, students will interview the students and faculty of Bullard High School, breakdown news on video and assist in editing stories. All students in the staff must have a role on air. M

”If enough students joined, I would love to have a production-only side,” Mr. Monahan said.

Another good reason to join the Bullard Buzz is that it looks great on a college application, but also provides real-world experience. This is even better in the case of students who want to follow an audio-video career.

“The Bullard Buzz also helps you get used to working as team and teaches you how to work with others,” Mr. Monahan said.

With just six members at the moment, the Buzz staff is small, but will hopefully grow in the upcoming years, the teacher said. This growth would help provide more opportunity for content and help meet long-term goals such as increased episode production and more extra-curricular work at high school events such as sports events.

To sign up for the Bullard Buzz, check with your school counselor to help create a pathway in your schedule.